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Dairy Queen Is Offering BOGO for $0.80 on All of Its Blizzards for a Limited Time

Happy 80th birthday, Dairy Queen! We fully support your decision to treat us for your big day with a deal that we (and our taste buds) can’t resist.

From March 4 through March 15, when you buy a Blizzard Treat, you get one for just $0.80. This deal is valid on any size, so whatever size you pay for at full price will be the size you get (or smaller, if you want) for the second one.

This means you can order an Oreo Cookie Blizzard, and get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard for just $0.80. Or, opt for the Butterfinger Blizzard and snag the deal on the M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies Blizzard. Or, go for the limited-edition Mint Oreo Blizzard and Harvest Berry Pie Blizzard. So many choices (15, to be exact)!

Although it’s not part of the deal, Dairy Queen’s long-awaited Cotton Candy Dipped Cone has finally made its debut across the country. So after you’re done loading up on Blizzards for 2 weeks, switch over to the bright blue cone for a totally delicious way to eat ice cream.
This universal vacuum attachment quickly removes years of lint build-up deep within your dryer vent so it can run more safely and efficiently.
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Dairy Queen Is Offering BOGO for $0.80 on All of Its Blizzards for a Limited Time

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