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The TubShroom Saves Me From Showering in Bathing Backwash

Problem: I shower in ankle-deep water because my drain is constantly clogged

Solution: A TubShroom does the two-part job of trapping all your hair before it clogs your sink — and hiding that hair until you're ready to empty it.

I've been blessed with the good fortune of never having a major plumbing situation on my hands. I've however suffered a persistent clogging of my tub and shower drain.  Luckily, owning a TubShroom couldn't be an easier fix.

What's great about the TubShroom is that it fits right into the shower drain and discreetly collects the hair that would have got caught in plumbing purgatory, giving you the chance to just pop it out every couple of showers and empty the tangles of hair at your convenience. And while it's been ideal for my human strands, it apparently works for animal hair too!

TubShroom review

It's not the most pleasant job to pull up the TubShroom and toss out the crown of hair that's been collected, but it is extremely satisfying to return to a freely flowing drain. The one downside is that it’s hard to scrub away the soap and shampoo residue that lingers and grows over time on the product, making it less efficient. (Although I've been told a dishwasher cycle would solve this!)

The geniuses behind this Little Lifesaver have an array of drain-protecting products and styles to match your sink and tub design so it doesn't stand out too much, either.

TubShroom Tub Drain Protector

This universal vacuum attachment quickly removes years of lint build-up deep within your dryer vent so it can run more safely and efficiently.
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The TubShroom Saves Me From Showering in Bathing Backwash

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